At Southeastern Inventors Association, we have a select group of members designated as Corporate Service Providers (CSP’s).  The advantages to our members is that they are “known good eggs”; if we receive word that something bad has happened (lack of responsiveness, quality of work, etc.), then our Vice President will step in and clarify the issue with the provider; if it look like it’s in our members’ best interest, we will remove them from the CSP list and strip their purple badge.

For this reason, we recommend (but do not endorse, nor do we get a cut of any monies being exchanged) only forming long-term-partnerships with Active CSP members (and at the meetings, they can be identified with a purple bar on their name badge).

If you want to become a a CSP, click here.

Active CSP Members:

Thor Johnson – ATL-3D

Thor Johnson has always been building things; he has acquired a bunch of machines (CNC Milling Machine, 4×8 plywood router, […]

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